Wednesday, October 24, 2012

New blog

This blogger is going down...i lost the one coming sindigital

Hello TurbineDesigns

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Workout partner...

I find it kinda funny that ppl want a personal trainer or someone ti help them workout. When i put it out there that i needed a workout one said a word. Thats kinda fucked up. Dont get me wrong.I Have my fitness crew at the gym, but there personal trainers and they have clients to train and well they do it all while im at work. So i need to find a partner for the afternoon. Now i dont care if your male or female i just need someone that gonna keep me motivated and pushing forward to reach my goals and i will do the same. Its hard going to the gym and seeing ppl working out with a partner. Sometimes i jump in but its not the same as have your own. With that being said heres what im looking for, and also what i can offer..

Training partner: male or female

High energy: someone who wants to make changes and get fit

Mental toughness:  will to stick to a diet to help reach goals

A fighter: will to learn an new skill that will help you in life.

Motivated: is it what you want and can you commit to it..

If this is not you and your making and giving bulllshit reason why you cant do it....why are you reading this..go away...

In my world you gotta have heart, and you gotta have strenght, cause this is a road full of ups and then downs cause if you wanna cut weight and get in shape you gotta add muscle.

Ladies ive said it once and i will say it again, you do NOT produce enough testosterone to build up mass like a man, so get that thought out of your head. And get in the gym..

If your interested comment here or inbox me on facebook. I think its time

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Ok something new!!!

Its a new year so heres whats on tap in the next few months.

1. A new blog layout is in the works. Im not to good with flash so im gonna layer the hell out of it just to give it a neater look.
2. More photos and videos of the craziness i call the gym.
3.weight training tips and tricks to increase yoyr results and mine ^_^
4. Friends that i workout with will also have a special place here.
5. Promote my friends blogs. Im just the kinda guy that wants to see everyone succeeded.
6. More fitness tips
7. diet tips what and what not to eat.
8. Im the last person to give fashion advice but im gonna try with a little help from a special someone ^_^
9. im a up and coming game creater so i will be posting updates and game designs here as well.
So as you can see there will be a ton of things going on this year.  I hope and wish your will to come with me on this crazy ride i call life ^_^

Ok, ok i give

Ok im not even sure what im gonna talk about here. Well it is my blog so i guess i could vent. Naw im not like that...hmmmm im not really sure what to tell you all...all 2 of you....

Lets talk about support. My family will support me no matter what right, RIGHT!! My close friends.. not so much after all the growing up taking care of each other, and fighting with each other we have done i cant even get the loving support from some of the ppl i care for the most. Ha i guess i am venting... there are two ppl that follow my blog which is awesome seems they care about what i have to say and hell i even follow some that have nothing to do with a guy. But i do cause im supporting them. (Funny)  the things i talk about effects so many but very few care, and yes this is those who do what i do on the regular. Fighters, runners, swimmers, weight lifters, gymnist, and posers. Im mean i dont really care,  (i guess i do to a point) but when someone opens there home up to you with no questions ask and you cant even support them on there journey to a new life. Well i guess you were never a good friend after all...

Im just saying...

^_^ venting done...i will be posting a new workout for you to try thats female friendly.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Body image, why do so many ppl hate it..

I bet your wondering what a guy/gal looks like under all those layers of clothing. I know i with that being said. Ppl are just to way caught up in there own definition of the perfect body or perfect look. Mostly ladies. As guys we really dont care what the hell the girl looks like as far as body imaging goes. Its all in the way you carry yourself.

I hate the saying that larger females have.
Oh i have great curves.. bigs girls do have great curves but are you fit and able to run two laps w/o stopping to rest. Now im not saying skinny or slim female are fit enough to do that either but those are the ones that guys go for. Slim and visually fit.

Now when a females is fit and in shape with a six pack lije no other ppl call them skinny and manly what the fuck is wrong with ppl these day. Why can you be happy for them.  They put in the work and they got the results. 

My brothers, you know who you are. We hit the gym everyday of our lives to get the build, health, and strenght to lift the world. We build our bodys to look like the greek god sculptures and yet ppl still try an find the reason to hate you for all your hard work. How about we all just start eating fast food all day everyday til we all die away. Thats what is seem as if everyone wants with all the hate an negativity going around.  I know i cant fix the world and i know i can command anyone but myself. But this shit is really bugging the hell out of me.

Big females if your happy being big be happy. An stop hate and bringing down the smaller ones.
Little females be happy quit call ppl larger than you fats and other shit..

Same goes for the guys.
Stop hurting ppl..
You know the saying
Sticks an stones may break my bone but word will never hurt me.

Well thats bullshit cause the things you say cut deeper than the sharpest knife.
I hope this makes some sense....

Monday, January 23, 2012

A new day has dawn for me...

The following is real all me nothing less

So its a new year and i have made a slow progression back into weight training but i have to say this. My slow progression is faster than most ppl. I went back to the gym working on the heavy bags for 1hr..then i got the know the one you get when you see everyone working out and getting the pump. Well i decided to return to weight training sooner than later. An for those who think a 3wk layoff isnt good for the soul keep reading.

I decided too do major lifts when i started back and i did that in a big way..

Dumbbell presses 100 each arm no spotter 3set 10reps
Standing hammer curls 95 each arm 3set 8reps
Leg press (im very happy with these) my old one rep max was around i rep 820 for a full set. I know i could've done more but i was gonna risk injury.
Dumbbell rows...100lbs per arm with good form rep to failure
Calf yeah right 1000+ easy the pic are of the leg press machine...oh well thats it for now.

Fitness fact #1
you only get out what you are will to put in. With your health its all or nothing

Monday, December 26, 2011

Home workout today

I woke up this morning feeling the itch. I've been out of the gym for a few weeks for personal reasons. Anyway i pulled out my old weight set and went to town. I blasted my shoulders and biceps today. FUN, FUN!!! I don't remember the last time i had a home workout that felt this good. Here's the breakdown of what i did.

Standing front lateral raises 30lbs 12reps 3sets
Standing side lateral raises 30lbs 12reps 3sets
Standing overhead presses 30lbs 12reps 4sets
(My shoulder is a bit sore so i did go very heavy) =( that's why i need the gym...spotter

Standing bicep curls all to failure...30lbs
Ez bar curls failure 50lbs

Also did a light chest burn..dumbbell presses to failure

If you notice i didn't change the weight with my shoulders. Did that cause i know i will get a better burn that way...

Well i hope you enjoyed that little description of my light home workout. It was fun and i do plan on doing it again. So i can maintain my weight loss. So stay tuned to my blog and follow my easy steps to dropping those unwanted pounds. Its not easy but it sure is fun. Lol you notice i only have one follower and yes she's awesome, but i need more follower so subscribe to my blog and please don't let my words go unheard.

I'm gonna be updating the look of the blog as well. I will be including some MMA workouts as well as some HIIT cardio workouts. So stay tuned..

If your ever wondering why i post those pictures at the end of my blog post. Its because i find that they motive others to get there asses in gear and into a gym to better there lives...

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