Sunday, April 15, 2012

Workout partner...

I find it kinda funny that ppl want a personal trainer or someone ti help them workout. When i put it out there that i needed a workout one said a word. Thats kinda fucked up. Dont get me wrong.I Have my fitness crew at the gym, but there personal trainers and they have clients to train and well they do it all while im at work. So i need to find a partner for the afternoon. Now i dont care if your male or female i just need someone that gonna keep me motivated and pushing forward to reach my goals and i will do the same. Its hard going to the gym and seeing ppl working out with a partner. Sometimes i jump in but its not the same as have your own. With that being said heres what im looking for, and also what i can offer..

Training partner: male or female

High energy: someone who wants to make changes and get fit

Mental toughness:  will to stick to a diet to help reach goals

A fighter: will to learn an new skill that will help you in life.

Motivated: is it what you want and can you commit to it..

If this is not you and your making and giving bulllshit reason why you cant do it....why are you reading this..go away...

In my world you gotta have heart, and you gotta have strenght, cause this is a road full of ups and then downs cause if you wanna cut weight and get in shape you gotta add muscle.

Ladies ive said it once and i will say it again, you do NOT produce enough testosterone to build up mass like a man, so get that thought out of your head. And get in the gym..

If your interested comment here or inbox me on facebook. I think its time

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