Sunday, January 29, 2012

Body image, why do so many ppl hate it..

I bet your wondering what a guy/gal looks like under all those layers of clothing. I know i with that being said. Ppl are just to way caught up in there own definition of the perfect body or perfect look. Mostly ladies. As guys we really dont care what the hell the girl looks like as far as body imaging goes. Its all in the way you carry yourself.

I hate the saying that larger females have.
Oh i have great curves.. bigs girls do have great curves but are you fit and able to run two laps w/o stopping to rest. Now im not saying skinny or slim female are fit enough to do that either but those are the ones that guys go for. Slim and visually fit.

Now when a females is fit and in shape with a six pack lije no other ppl call them skinny and manly what the fuck is wrong with ppl these day. Why can you be happy for them.  They put in the work and they got the results. 

My brothers, you know who you are. We hit the gym everyday of our lives to get the build, health, and strenght to lift the world. We build our bodys to look like the greek god sculptures and yet ppl still try an find the reason to hate you for all your hard work. How about we all just start eating fast food all day everyday til we all die away. Thats what is seem as if everyone wants with all the hate an negativity going around.  I know i cant fix the world and i know i can command anyone but myself. But this shit is really bugging the hell out of me.

Big females if your happy being big be happy. An stop hate and bringing down the smaller ones.
Little females be happy quit call ppl larger than you fats and other shit..

Same goes for the guys.
Stop hurting ppl..
You know the saying
Sticks an stones may break my bone but word will never hurt me.

Well thats bullshit cause the things you say cut deeper than the sharpest knife.
I hope this makes some sense....

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