Monday, January 23, 2012

A new day has dawn for me...

The following is real all me nothing less

So its a new year and i have made a slow progression back into weight training but i have to say this. My slow progression is faster than most ppl. I went back to the gym working on the heavy bags for 1hr..then i got the know the one you get when you see everyone working out and getting the pump. Well i decided to return to weight training sooner than later. An for those who think a 3wk layoff isnt good for the soul keep reading.

I decided too do major lifts when i started back and i did that in a big way..

Dumbbell presses 100 each arm no spotter 3set 10reps
Standing hammer curls 95 each arm 3set 8reps
Leg press (im very happy with these) my old one rep max was around i rep 820 for a full set. I know i could've done more but i was gonna risk injury.
Dumbbell rows...100lbs per arm with good form rep to failure
Calf yeah right 1000+ easy the pic are of the leg press machine...oh well thats it for now.

Fitness fact #1
you only get out what you are will to put in. With your health its all or nothing

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