Thursday, February 16, 2012

Ok, ok i give

Ok im not even sure what im gonna talk about here. Well it is my blog so i guess i could vent. Naw im not like that...hmmmm im not really sure what to tell you all...all 2 of you....

Lets talk about support. My family will support me no matter what right, RIGHT!! My close friends.. not so much after all the growing up taking care of each other, and fighting with each other we have done i cant even get the loving support from some of the ppl i care for the most. Ha i guess i am venting... there are two ppl that follow my blog which is awesome seems they care about what i have to say and hell i even follow some that have nothing to do with a guy. But i do cause im supporting them. (Funny)  the things i talk about effects so many but very few care, and yes this is those who do what i do on the regular. Fighters, runners, swimmers, weight lifters, gymnist, and posers. Im mean i dont really care,  (i guess i do to a point) but when someone opens there home up to you with no questions ask and you cant even support them on there journey to a new life. Well i guess you were never a good friend after all...

Im just saying...

^_^ venting done...i will be posting a new workout for you to try thats female friendly.

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