Monday, December 26, 2011

Home workout today

I woke up this morning feeling the itch. I've been out of the gym for a few weeks for personal reasons. Anyway i pulled out my old weight set and went to town. I blasted my shoulders and biceps today. FUN, FUN!!! I don't remember the last time i had a home workout that felt this good. Here's the breakdown of what i did.

Standing front lateral raises 30lbs 12reps 3sets
Standing side lateral raises 30lbs 12reps 3sets
Standing overhead presses 30lbs 12reps 4sets
(My shoulder is a bit sore so i did go very heavy) =( that's why i need the gym...spotter

Standing bicep curls all to failure...30lbs
Ez bar curls failure 50lbs

Also did a light chest burn..dumbbell presses to failure

If you notice i didn't change the weight with my shoulders. Did that cause i know i will get a better burn that way...

Well i hope you enjoyed that little description of my light home workout. It was fun and i do plan on doing it again. So i can maintain my weight loss. So stay tuned to my blog and follow my easy steps to dropping those unwanted pounds. Its not easy but it sure is fun. Lol you notice i only have one follower and yes she's awesome, but i need more follower so subscribe to my blog and please don't let my words go unheard.

I'm gonna be updating the look of the blog as well. I will be including some MMA workouts as well as some HIIT cardio workouts. So stay tuned..

If your ever wondering why i post those pictures at the end of my blog post. Its because i find that they motive others to get there asses in gear and into a gym to better there lives...

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