Thursday, February 16, 2012

Ok something new!!!

Its a new year so heres whats on tap in the next few months.

1. A new blog layout is in the works. Im not to good with flash so im gonna layer the hell out of it just to give it a neater look.
2. More photos and videos of the craziness i call the gym.
3.weight training tips and tricks to increase yoyr results and mine ^_^
4. Friends that i workout with will also have a special place here.
5. Promote my friends blogs. Im just the kinda guy that wants to see everyone succeeded.
6. More fitness tips
7. diet tips what and what not to eat.
8. Im the last person to give fashion advice but im gonna try with a little help from a special someone ^_^
9. im a up and coming game creater so i will be posting updates and game designs here as well.
So as you can see there will be a ton of things going on this year.  I hope and wish your will to come with me on this crazy ride i call life ^_^

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