Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Weight cutting and jack3d

Well this is my first blog in a few weeks, sorry but I've been a  bit busy. Work is kicking my ass... but that's ok. I've dropped quite a few pounds and I'm very,  very happy about that ^_^ now about my weight cutting I've been on a very good diet [thanks Terry] lots of greens, reds, and yellows chicken and diet teas. Its all paid off. Well that an a bunch of sweat and hard work. I'm now 15lbs away from my goal.. yaaaaaaa now jack3d is a pre workout mix that works. Two scoops of Jack and I'm ready to cardio for hours on end....lol to be continued

I wanted to finish this yesterday but i forgot...now the workout i was doing to burn this weight wasn't done just at the gym. Where i work is very hot so i burn off water weight as well.

The workout was all cardio 1h 30m of
MMA drill
Ground and pound work
Swiss ball strikes
Pad work
Its pretty normal for me but with the help of jack3d it push my training to another level. And of course a very colorful diet makes this possible. To my girl (npla her) keep your head up stay focus and avoid cravings. As soon as you have a snack attack have a pieces of sweet fruit....strawberries are awesome....^_^ til next time

Stay fit...
P.s. i will be train super hard i may have a few fights coming soon. Keep your fingers crossed ^_^


  1. LOL good job. Now i really like your diet plan LOTS OF GREEN and colors. I've known that but just didn't did follow it. Hate been a girl and have cravings.

  2. Dont worry we will break you of the cravings. Lol get you eating more colorful foods, that aren't cakes an sweets ^_^ it just takes time an willpower


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