Monday, June 20, 2011

Wow, what can i say, this guy is a joke

Ok i went to the fitness center today, an i was kicking it with my gym family. Don, Big DJ, Terry, and a host of others. Now i will get to the workout, and get to this joke later...

I have a short weekend and no time during the day to workout. So i try to cram a deep workout in on the weekends. So here's Mondays pump it up

Chest and triceps
Chest workouts are usually easy and fast, but when you mix it up its one of the toughest routines ever... stick to the basics, and u will do just fine. Since i don't bench press i go a bit heavier than most.

Incline dumbbell press
80lbs 3sets 12, 10, 8, 3,
75lbs 3set all failure
65lbs failure
I think you see where this is going, that's how all of my weight training goes, start heavy and drop, to hit each set.

Flat bench and declines sets are the same as incline benches, yes i do them all....which is alot but i have 3days off so recovery is a breeze. Now i usually don't train chest and triceps i do biceps, but i switched it up today. Had to adjust for my cardio session..

Seated Over head presses
90lbs all done to failure... (get a spotter)
Standing Over head cable Presses
You can go heavy with this cause you can use your body to control the weight...
130lbs all sets done to failure. Its tough cause of the seated press so go moderate.

Cable pull Downs
60-80lbs failure sets, i switch the grips, and attachments to hit it from different angles. ^_^

ABS crunches, Russian twist, crunch with punches.
I didn't do cable crunches cause i was lazy. Hehehe!!

Then i went to the floor, to do my cardio. ^_^
1000 jabs each arm
500 straights each arm
500 elbows all variations
1000 knees each leg
(Its all about doing it til it comes natural)
No kicks today
Also did some ground and pound work with Swissball and kicking shield. The Swiss ball compresses your chest make it hard to catch your breath.. ^_^ a little trick i invented. Hehehe.

Now to the joke of the gym, there's a Guy that shall remain nameless, who is on the juice. An by that i mean steroids. This Guy just a few weeks ago was skinny, his muscles were lean and he didn't have the size, now he's around 230 muscled up like a madman. Its funny cause you can really tell, and on top of that he has a roid gut...haha oh it gets funnier, he's still weak at his lifts...hahaha this has been confirm by some of the staff. Damn i had to see stupid shit like that in the gym, cause it makes the natural lifts look like there doing it to. I don't wish ill fate on anyone but that Guy is gonna lose his job. See ya.

Remember your body is a temple treat it as such by not pumping toxic waste into it.

I may treat my body like an amusement park but i don't need muscle enhancers to get big, its called hard work an dedication.

Stay fit

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