Sunday, May 22, 2011

sunday was intense

ok for those of you that dont know. im a workout i work during the week with little time to workout. so i do most of my weight training and thai boxing on the weekends. so it shouldnt be any surprise that i go hard as hell when im working my back and legs right. (below is a list of what happened)

leg press warm up set 6, 45lbs plates per side
1set 12 reps with a spotter
after that i do drop sets dropping 5lbs each set

i will calculate that later lol ^_^
leg extention
all are done to failure starting weight is 300lbs (thats what the machines max is)
4set reps failure
now my calfs are my babies i love them so...its back to the leg press where i do my calf raises all are done to failure ^_^ im not sure how many plates i used cause the range of motion is soooooooo small you can go extra heavy.

now on to my back. by the way you will notice i didnt include squats...i hate them and my spine will say the samething. if i squated i would do 3 plates per side. the compression on your lower back is nasty so i stay away from them.
my back is a different story i can hit it super hard. so here we go.
lat pull downs for a warm up.
160lbs 10 reps is all you need
tbar rows 3, 45lbs plates.. (i would of had more but my partner has a bad back so i work at his weight level) ^_^ inbetween the t-bar rows i leg press to keep my blood flow high.
T-bar 5sets 12 reps
dumbbell rows 100lbs 5sets 12reps or failure
cable rows 200lbs 3sets failure reps
single are cable rows 200lbs 3sets failure reps
i switch positions when i do these to hit my back  in different ways ^_^
after thse im usually done but i had some super pump so i had a lot more juice to go.

cardio was awesome
pad work, speed drills and jump training.

let me be the key to your motivation. read and enjoy...
stay fit ^_^


  1. That sounds like a lot. Just reading it makes me feel like I've just finish working out. LOL Keep it up. Have some pic up on the workouts. It'll be cool to see what machine you use, so when I go to the gym I'll know how to use them properly and workout the right areas.


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