Sunday, May 15, 2011

i hate the rain, but i have to train

if theres one thing i hate more than snow, its rain. i sleep way to long and waste the days away. it sucks but on with the day. so i went to the gym around 2:00 an did my shoulders. i roasted those bad boys. i hit my abs to just to be on the safe side ^_^…

While at the gym, i met a few body builders nice guys. one was insane he leg pressed 9 45s on each side. crazy huh well he had a guy sit on a flat plate to add even more weight. it was crazy but its did make me realize something. you are only as good as you wanna be. i plan to add more lean mass to my frame in the next few weeks. its gonna help me lean out more but also help me add more size. ^_^ an a bit more width.

oh well i will be adding photos in a few days well on my next few post, i know its lacking that but as i said before its hard to take pictures of myself while training. sorry about the typos i will fix them later ^_^

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