Saturday, May 14, 2011

saturday morning yup

ok well i had a good workout today below is a list of the things i did and what im gonna do when i go back later today. sorry there arent any pictures yet. its kinda hard to snap shots when your doing pad work, and jujitsu drills... ^_^

workout list for week 1 saturday
incline bench warm up 95lbs each arm 10 reps 1set (killer) all dumbbells
incline bench 75lbs 3sets 12reps each
(i dont bench press it will damage your shoulders)
incline bench 65lbs 8reps 3sets each
incline bench 55lbs failure set

flat push ups failure
dumbbell push ups failure
knuckle push ups to failure

sit ups with a twist
sit ups while striking the pads
all to failure

cable strikes. (uppercuts, straights, ground and pounds with cables)

then did sum thai boxing drills

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