Saturday, December 24, 2011

Its been along time!!!

Its my end of the year post ^_^

Ok this year has been fairly strange. Family moving, work is good. Ballys becoming LA Fitness. Its Christmas and i don't do Xmas.

Anywho, I've been out of the gym for about 3wks (for reasons i will state later) but my diet is good. Im down to 203lbs but i know I've lost some muscle mass. Which is fine cause i put on mass fairly quick. I was asked to drop weight to fight at a catch weight which is 175lbs....i can't do that. Its a bit to much for me. So I'm gonna go down to about 180 and see how i feel. >_< I've got a few major plans happening at the start of next year. Hope you all will take the ride with me.. ^_^

God bless and happy new year
The Chaotic Turbine is gonna destroy stuff in 2012!!!

P.s. sorry i haven't posted in awhile...nothing new to really talk about. But new projects mean new posts

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