Thursday, August 11, 2011

Shopping list ^_^ the healthy and affordable list

Ok this one goes out to a very good friend of mine, this is just a sample of the foods i eat. An its also something you have to get use too. Most of food on this list is what you need to Max out your diet. Just remember even with healthy clean foods, you can still gain weight...on to the list.

Fish (tuna is my favorite cause you don't need to cook it and you can buy it in single serving packs ^_^)
Lean ground beef
Lean beef period (just make sure you check the cuts of beef. An only have it in smaller portions)

Veggies yeah O.O
All leafy greens (i try to stay away from lettuce cause there alot of water in it, i drink enough and don't need to eat it >_<)
Baby spinach (i buy the bags there cheaper and awesome. I make salads out of them)
Green peppers
Green onions

Everything whole wheat or grain (need i say MORE)
I even buy while grain pasta, way more healthy ^_^.

Fruits *_*
Tomatoes (lol yeah i know)
Strawberries (for the ladies)
Honey dew
Blue berries

I usually eat cottage cheese with my fruits....
Everything else is up to you..fat free cheese, jello, there are ton of healthy snack food out there just make sure you make the right choice. I do cheat on the weekends. Although i have fallen off my diet, i still maintain my weight within a 10lbs range so its easy to drop with a high cardio / weight training program..well i hope this helps you out in some way shape or form..if not and there's some i missed hey go ahead and leave a comment. Oh if there are typos in here somewhere sorry my computer is down and I'm useing my phone...^__^

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  1. Thanks for the list. Its really helpful and a reminder of what to eat rite. Now its all how to put in use. Thanks very much!


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