Sunday, August 7, 2011

Planning a major project

Ok so I've thought long and hard about this. I'm gonna try and open up a full blown MMA facility. I'm talking heavy bags, focus mits, shin guards, gloves, a cage. There will also be a weight training area. Weights will range from 2lbs to 110 dumb bells and a whole lot of plates for free weights. I'm not sure how much the machines will cost but i have a Guy at ballys that will give me a catalog so that's all good. I also want a spring floor that they use for gymnastics. It will help ppl with there flips and spins an crazy madness. And now the best part will be the matted floors for grappling and tumbling and martial arts etc. The possibilities are endless and i wanna bring it to the D. Wish me luck and if you wanna help out I'm open to all suggestion and any kinda of input to get money to buy the build and fill it with equipment... so yeah that the plan. Oh also I'm planning to put together a stun team and a martial arts choreography unit as if your interested inbox me or message me on my facebook


  1. Hey....good luck, man. Very proud that ur trying to put something positive out there.

  2. Thank alot. Hell someone needs to give these young children a place to be. Outside of a basketball court an jail

  3. Sound really good. Hope your dreams do come true. I know its a lot of work, but I think you can really achieve if you put your heart into.


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