Friday, May 13, 2011

My personal Training logs

Hey whats up people. Ive never done this before but i think its about time I put some of my work out there in the world .
I just so happen to be an artist of many talents, Drawing, Animating , Martial arts, interior designs, etc...I have an eye
for alot of things. But that's not what this is all about. this is about health and fitness. I'm nothing special but i know what
its like to carry something no one whats.
and martial arts tips to help you reach the goals you desire ^_^ i hope you like it and learn from it. Hell if you see something
that can be changed or upgraded just leave a comment and i will answer no problem, just be nice about it.
For the ladies, Some of you seem to be afraid of weight training....
Mass like a man. Unless you alter your hormones and start taking testosterone pill or dumb shit you don't need to have in
your bodies.
Guys go heavy or go home, if you want to grow you have got to get out of the rut of lifting light weights. that's a EXTRA WEIGHT!!!!! so here i will list a ton of workouts and extra advanced liftsSTOP IT!!!! there is no way in hell you will gain muscle NO NO!!!
its OK too lift light weights but if you want to build and burn you better go heavy and go hard. Don't fuck around talking
in the cage (GYM) it will screw up your workout and cause you to slack off and well then you have to start all over again.
Which sucks... so here you go a few simple things to keep you motivated and growing or burn which ever you want.

Stay fit

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